ALRDC / SWPSC 2018 (16th Annual) Artificial Lift Strategies for Unconventional Wells Workshop

This page contains information on the ALRDC / SWPSC 2018 (16th Annual) Artificial Lift Strategies for Unconventional Wells Workshop.  This has formerly been called the Gas Well Deliquification Workshop.  We've changed the name so we can expand the focus to include both gas and liquid rich (oil) wells.

The Workshop will be held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on Feb. 4 - 7, 2018. It will be held at the Cox Convention Center and the adjacent Renaissance Hotel.

 Larry Harms, recently retired from ConocoPhillips, will be the General Chair for the 2018 Workshop.

We have preliminary information on the Presentation Topics,   More information on this will be forthcoming soon.

We plan to have Seven Continuation Education Courses.

- Artificial Lift Selection and Life Cycle

- Plunger Lift

- Sucker Rod Pumping

- Automation and Optimization

- Compressors and Field Facilities

- Gas-Lift

- Electrical Submersible Pumping

We want to expand the focus to cover both gas and oil wells and we want to focus more on topics like Troubleshooting, Problem Solving, and meeting the needs to new Engineers and Operators.

So, please stay tuned as more information is developed on this re-designed Workshop.




Workshop Contents

Primary topics

Technical Sessions (Preliminary)

Auxiliary Sessions

Social Activities

Technical Challenges

Panel Discussions

Keynote Address

Production Surveillance, Fracking Issues

Break-Out Sessions

Breakfasts, Lunches

Reservoir, Stimulation



Production Equipment

Automation, Optimization

Wellbore Issues

Artificial Lift Selection



Cost to Register for the Workshop 



Workshop Registration Cost to Register
Attendees of the Workshop







Cost to Register for the Continuing Education Courses


Continuing Education Courses Cost to Register
Full Day Advanced Courses $250.00
Students $150.00



Cost to Register for Exhibit Booths


Exhibit Areas Before Jan. 19, 2018 Jan. 19, 2018 and later
Medium (10' x 10')



Extra Large Booth (10' by 20') (See Note Below)



Special rate for People who ONLY attend or work the Exhibits

$150.00 per day

Note:  Two Workshop Registrations will be granted for each exhibit booth when the exhibit booth is reserved.
Note:  Special rates are available for people who ONLY attend the exhibits must be obtained on site at the Workshop.  A special badge will be given to these people.
Note:  There is a limit of xxx Exhibit Spaces.  Sign up early to assure a space.
Please make certain your exhibit/display items fit within the 10' x 10' size.  There is no forklift available at the hotel.  If any change is needed in any requirements, please notify Ronda Brewer at Texas Tech University  immediately.  Information about shipping/receiving exhibit materials will be sent out at least one month prior to the workshop date.  Please check this website for periodic updates.


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